File sizes on network


G3 B/W with 1 SCSI and 3 IDE internal HD's

I installed macosx on one ide drive and kept OS9 on another.
All went well and works perfectly.
After switching back to OS9 I want to copy something over the network on another computer.
When I am on the other computer and mounted the hd from the B/W all the files on one HD are 256 MB and from another hd 512 MB. If I copy the files they are fine again.

Rebuilded desktop and diskfirstaid but did not fixed it.

Is this a coincedense?
Put a new system 9 on it and the file sizes on the network were ok again, but after switching to OSx and back to os 9 the file sizes were again 256MB and 512MB.

Can anybody check this if this happens to them also!

Macosx installs a new file sharing extension in your classic system.
When I put the old one back in the file sizes are ok again on the network.

Am I the only one or not with this problem??

[Edited by Spencer on 10-14-2000 at 04:38 AM]
I'll have to try the file sharing extension Monday. My beige g3 is apparenty doing the same. Someone said they couldn't copy a file onto my computer, because I didn't have enough space. (os 9). I was able to copy the file from their computer however. Strange.

HFS+ drive, with X and 9 on the same drive. no partitions.

Does the fs extention fix the problem, or do you have to replace it every time after using X?