File System Permissions


I noticed when folders are created by a Mac user on an MS Windows 2003 SFM volume not all of the permission designated on the parent folder flow down to the subfolder. Furthemore, if the Mac User does not allow read/write permission to "Domain Users", no one except that user(designated as the owner) can access the folder contents. I came across the following Microsoft KB article, however, it applies only to Windows 2000:

Hotfix Changes Services for Macintosh Behavior in Windows 2000
Article ID : 320215

Have there been any advancements in regard to enhancing the Macintosh operating system's ability to recognize all of the custom file, user, and group permissions for folders and files within a Windows server environment? Also, does anybody know if the Mac Tiger OS possesses new capabilites to support the Windows file system?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!