File Truncation (8.3) Mac In Windows Environmment


We have a group that is in a Managed, Mobile environment. They utilize three Intel-based, Windows 2000 rack servers. On one of the servers, when they save a file from ANY Mac program onto this server, they can see the full filename. However, when they save a file to the other two servers, it truncates to a FAT32 8.3 format (abcdefghijl.doc becomes abcdef~1.doc). What is really stumping us is the fact that when I save a file onto this server, I can see the full filenname and I have the same access rights as they do. Furthermore, when we had one of them log onto my powerbook, it was truncating the file they created. Don't know if it has to do with the file partitions on the servers or the user's account profile. Please advise.