File types and OSX are screwing up!!!


John Galt Member
I noticed OSX has not taken control of it's file types:
there is a OSX version of stuffit expander that comes on OSX, so why doesn't it recognize ".sit" and other stuffit related file types? everytime i try to launch some of these files, OSX launches classic and then wants to launch OS 9 stuffit. the same thing happens with some text files that should be associated textedit...

why does OSX suck in this aspect? can i force different applications to associate with certian file types? how can i solve this?


P.S. any help would be greatly appreciated...
Choose your file, then type command-I to open the Inspector. Go to one of the submenus, I forgot what it was called (not on OS X currently). There you can specify a special application to open this file or a general application to open all the files of that type.

HTH, DiskBreaker