Files missing in finder


I was hoping this 'bug' would be fixed in 10.1.....

Quite consistently finder does not keep its view of a directory up to date. When a file is written to a directory - by for example stuffit - it does not appear in the finder window.

The file is definately in the file system as it can be seen in the directory from ksh, and can be executed or whatever.

To make the file appear, all that is necessary is to force the finder to re-start, which is an OK work around, but is far from elegant.
There are some more workarounds for that than forcing the finder to quit:

1) When u unstuff a file, unstuff it twice. Then both unstuffed files should appear in the directory where u wanted them.
2) Leave the folder closed while saving files into it. This sometimes works wit my stuffit expander.
3) Wait 4 a while, n the file will appear by itself.
I've had something similar happen while saving new files from classic to directories in my User folder. It also seems to occur when copying takes them a while to show up. Usually closing the folder and re-opening is works for me. I havent' experienced any problems with stuffit files though. I usually just have the stuffed doc on my desktop and expand it there.