files sizes -- ufs v. hfs+


when i installed os x i formatted my drive UFS (because of the case-sensitivity issue w/ Unix) ... and since then i have had some problems with StuffIt and copying some files around. i just recently d/l'd omniweb B6 and was unable to copy from the disk image to my UFS drive ... so i copied it to my HFS+ drive (where OS 9 lives, separately). i was still unable to copy it across to my UFS drive ... so i went into the terminal application and copied the app tht way.

strange thing. it takes up 7.3MB on my hfs+ drive, but a whopping 13.9MB on ufs!!! doesn't that sound kind of backwards? i thought ufs was a more "modern" fs?! anyone have insight into this? (also, the icon no longer shows up correctly ... which is a minor annoyance, but i'd like to fix that, too.)

thanks ... and let's all pray for a customer-feedback-fed improvement in the final version. if you get a chance, read the review at and then send feedback to Apple. maybe if we all site a document like the one above, they will be more likely to listen???