fileshare between XP and Tiger


The desktop PC is running XP Home SP2 and I just updated my PB to run the latest Tiger update. the set up is looking like this.. Airport Extreme is hooked up to the desktop which also is hooked up to DSL modem and printer.. connecting to the internet network from the PB is fine, i can also access the internet through the Extreme as well.. on file share has been a beotch.

I've gotten errors of all sorts, most commonly the user name and password error like everybody else on this fourm.. I've sought help on the apple fourm and have gotten good help but can someone explain in the most watered down step by step way to connect to the server?
smb://user: password@server/shared resource
there is no space between the colon and password.
I got this the first time :password

either that or set up a user on the win pc with no password (a little insecure, but at home thats ok) and use
smb://user@server/shared resource

Also, a link for your browser
it is far easier to use than the printer setup util