Filesharing crashes Sysprefs 10.1


when clicking on the FILESHARING symbol in the prefs panel, my mac says that the system quitted unexpectedly.

also, when i right-click on the dock, and select Preferences, nothing happens.
same when selecting Edit-menu in the keyboardlanguage menu.

the second and third are not that of a problem, because you can change these in the system preferences. but the filesharing thing is kind of dramatic to me, because i want to use my OS 10.1 in our network.

what can be wrong here??

That happened all the time for me with an earlier build of 10.1 (5G24 I think). Are you sure you have 5G64?
well, im sure its no hardware issue, because its only on OS X and only the sharing part of the systempreferences panel, everything else works perfect.

fresh install will be hard, because i have 40 gig of data on my disk :)
well your problems sound like more general things. with me its a special small thingy (well, filesharing is not small, but the loading of the one prefpane is :))

im absolutely sure its no hw issue. but ill try removin the extra ram.
hm. as said, when i log in using root account, it doesnt work either. but the thing with another user is worth a try.

but i think the sharing prefs are stored globally.
found the solution in a macfixit forum.

the reason for my problem is that /etc/inetd.conf is missing

open terminal, type "su" and enter your root password
type "echo "" > /etc/inetd.conf" and all should be fine :))

according to the macfixit forum it is an issue with updating from 10.0.4 to 10.1

something goes nuts with file permissions or something so the installier isnt able to create the thing....or something like that :)