Filesharing From Os 9.2 to Tiger


I'm trying to set up a file sharing network between my powerbook running tiger and my beige g3 running 9.2. I used this advice from a give to someone else asking the same thing:

set up your two computers with manual IP addresses, one and the other, with subnet mask on both. Now, turn on file sharing on both (including allow connection via IP on the G3), and try connecting either way. I don't have an OS 9 computer handy, but I think it is easier to connect from OS X (GO > Connect to server).

Once I try Connect to Server, I enter my password and get the window "select volumes to mount" but the inside window black, not offering any volumes to mount.

the reason I want to network with my G3 is to operate an old large format SCSI scanner and a epson 1270 usb printer that does not have a drive compatible with tiger. I'd also be interested in any advice that would allow me to operate these two devices straight from my laptop.

Make sure that AppleTalk is enabled on the OS X computer. It's in System Preferences-->Network. Check in the options for the network card and one of the tabs should say AppleTalk.