Filesharing with Windows?


Would anyone know how to do filesharing on OSX with Windows? I'm looking for something similar to Dave.

You can try Samba or Sharity. Sharity should be on Version Tracker and you can find an article on how to install samba at Samba is a free unix app. Sharity is commercial software w/ a free student license. One allows winblows to see your Mac while the other allows you to connect to those servers.

Good luck :),
I tried sharity at work (nt server 4). I found that after a while I saw these .DStore files littered about the shares on the file server. I also found that sharity seemed to ignore permissions on shares etc and I could go in to folders my account usually coud not access.

Anyone know how to stop these problems?
I contacted the author of Sharity about the .DStore files and was told that there was nothing he could do about it--its just the way CIFS works.

I should also point out that there is a new preview version of Dave available for OSX from Thursby. It seems to work nicely, and a full version will hopefully include the ability to access shared PC printers (which sharity lacks). I haven't noticed whether DAVE puts any "junk" files on the PC side of things. I know it used to put the "resource.frk" file. My PC friends used to love that one, "resource freaks" they called them. Morons.

The free student license is limited by the way. You can only connect to two file servers. :(
Thursby Systems's DAVE for OS X is free - yes... FREE!

And as we all know, free is good. I assume that this is because that Apple have just cut off their (Thursby's) revenue stream by including the Windows networking protocols in the shortly to be released 10.1 - I am guessing NETBIOS.

Until I get 10.1 I have a paid up copy of DAVE under 9.1 and now have the freebie under 10.0.4 which works fine.

the .DStore files are put there by OSX, not Samba or sharity. You are just seeing system files which are usually hidden by the finder. Just ignore them and don't try to open or delete them.
Seems like someone could cause the Finder to crash by messing with the .DS_store (or whatever) files on a samba share. It'd be nice to have the Finder ignore that stuff on samba shares.

This is all from

" Networking is also more compatible: Mac OS X version 10.1 now includes the ability to connect to AFP servers over AppleTalk making it easier to integrate Mac OS X into legacy networks with older AppleShare servers and Windows NT servers. We?ve also added support to natively connect to Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Unix-based SAMBA file servers with the built-in SMB client. These servers appear right in the Finder like any other file server. This makes Mac OS X fluent in all of today?s network languages."

Hopefully when 10.1 comes out we will not need 3rd party stuff, although I still might compile samba...
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"We?ve also added support to natively connect to Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Unix-based SAMBA file servers with the built-in SMB client. "

Any idea if it will handle Windows 98 and ME? That's what I'd think most people would be more interested in, for home use.