FileVault - HELP!!


:( Hello, i'm on a dual 1.8 PowerMac G5, 1.5g ram, 160g HD, and Tiger. i've run into a problem w/FileVault - my Home folder contains 30+ gb of itunes music. the encrypted image (sparseimage)that's been created as a result (i neglected to leave the itunes folder out) is ~117!!!!!gb. apparently i could move my Home folder contents(60gb) to /users/shared, and then tell FV to unencrypt to the original Home folder, since there would be "enough" space there when FV tries to unencrypt.

i tell FV to stop encrypting, and it says it needs 4,000+ (!) gb of space to accmomplish this (the 117 invisible sparseimage file is causing a bottleneck). so i'm stuck - i don't have the 60 gb (down to 15 gig avail..), and i can't delete the encrypted files..soon i'll be down to no HD space.

what can i do???????????????

thanks for your time.

Ryan ?:-/