Final Cut Pro 2


Does anyone have any idea when a carbonized version of Final Cut Pro 2 will be available? Final Cut is the only program I use that I have to switch to 9.2 to use. Also, I am a college student and I need to use Word in order to type papers. Does anyone know when Office X will come out? I don't want to buy Ofice 2001 for Mac and than buy Office X if I don't have too.

Thank You.
I heard that Final Cut was supposed to be updated over the summer, but obviosly no update. I think I read that in MacAddict or something. It should be real soon though because I keep seeing OSX pushed as the number 1 OS for new systems for graphics and video. Who knows.... we'll see.

As for Office, I'm waiting too. I saw a thing on Microsoft's site that you get the update to Office X half off if you buy the Word+Entourage or Office:mac right now. Look on their site for more info on that one.
As you sayed,
FCP2 is the program I use the most. I love X but i hate having to keep switch over 9.2. Mother Apple please do something about that.

ByteIThe Apple
Last Rumors I heard were beginning of 2002, but no one actually know. FCP2 is a huge app which needs to interact with many components (hard- and software) perfectly, so it's no suprise that the carbonization takes time. Apple also know that this app is used by professionals and that it has to be bug free (more or les....).