Final Cut Pro 5


i am capturing via firewire from an HDV camera. all i want to do is hear my audio while it's being recorded, but i can't find anything that tells me how to set that up. it used to be just a little box, I'd click it - boom i could hear. someone suggested that the reason i could not listen while it was being recorded was because it's HD, and that messes something up. this sounds silly to me. i can't edit my audio options, because they're all locked - i don't know why. i am very, very new to FCP5, so it's probably some super simple problem that anyone else could figure out in half a second. i am slightly mollified by my bosses not knowing either. so, if you can help me - great. if not, feel free to point me to someone that can help (except calling the apple people, as they charge you 50 bucks just to ask your question, regardless of whether or not they can answer it).