Final Cut Pro Express 2.0.3 technical difficulty


I am running FCP Express 2.0.3 on both my 12", 867Mhz, 640 Mb ram, PowerBook and also on my G4, 500Mhz, 1gig ram, tower. Both units are running 10.4.2.

When I hook up the Canon 100MC DV camcorder to the PowerBook everything works just fine. I can capture, edit and export. I can edit and export with the G4 tower but as soon as I hook up the camera via firewire and attempt to capture FCPro instantly closes without warning.

Has anyone else experinced this unusual behaviour? Any idea how to fix it? I have done extension troubleshooting but have come up empty.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
Is your computer connected to the internet with your laptop? Could be a single user license issue. Just take the computer of the network when you are going to edit.

or trash your finalcut may have the wrong codec selected.