Final Cut Pro under 10.1?


I know FCP is not certified to run under X.

Video capture and output wont' work

But what about just editing????

I am still desperately waiting for 10.1 :( so I still don't know if I still can use FCP to do some cuts.....

Can anyone try it for me??? Thanks
that's right. if you use iMovie to get video into and out of your computer and use final cut for the editing you wouldn't ever need to go into 9.
Wow...that would be great.

I use iMovie to do capturing and editing in FCP even when I am under 9

Now that's good news. At least now I have one more excuse to stay away from booting directly in 9.

But anyway....I just hope we will see the carbonized version of FCP comes before the end of the year.

Thanks guys :)