Final Verdict...


I've been using X since it came out, and I'm wondering how people think of it. I was extremely excited to see Apple finally make it into the realm of true preemptive multitasking, which they seem to have pulled off nicely, and other things that made X such a cool new OS. Well, it's here, and my reactions have been mixed...

I'm running it on an indigo iMac (400MHz) with 384 Megs of RAM. The most noticeable difference between X and 9.1 is the speed, and my, how X is sluggish. It languishes on small tasks like moving an icon or opening a window. The Dock is very responsive, but the Genie effect is nothing more than a gimmick. It's very ackward to get used to, not being a UNIX user and all. Does it show promise? You bet. Does it have bugs? Absolutely. I miss the little things that made all previous OSes so special, like folder tabs, overriding snap-to-grid by holding the command key, typing the name of an icon and having it be automatically selected in list view, and of how I miss the application switcher in the top right corner. Also, the poor utilization of screen real estate (huge menu sizes, huge glowing buttons) just perplexes me. Running OmniWeb was a nifty experience but going back to Netscape in Classic mode for *actual* web-surfing was an incredible breath of fresh air.

Other things are nice, and I'm not going back to anything else because this is obviously the future for the Mac. It's a good OS but it *needs* to be tweaked for speed. I'd hate to run it on the base machine (original iMac 233). Do I like it? Yes. My final verdict is just what it should be: Right now it's good for early adopters. In the coming months it's going to vindicate our faith in the Mac for so many years now.
Yep, I feel pretty much the same way. I'm glad to see someone else saying "Hey, it's for early adopters." Many people just say, "It doesn't work. I hate everything about it."

The thing is, it really is for early adopters right now. In coming months, it will get much better. Much better.
I remember my first experience with a mac back in '98. I was comming from windows and couldn't believe how primitive the MAC OS was. No preemptive MT and the thought that the current application's menubar was displayed on the desktop:eek:. How could such a primitive OS be soo great. Now with OSX I am kinda looking back at the good old days... I like OSX but it's gunna take awhile to flush memories...