FINALLY, keyboard access to the menubar and dock in 10.1!!!


John Galt Member
ok, for those of you who have 10.1, here's a great thing to do:
open up system prefs (it only takes two bounces for me), and click on keyboard preferences. click on the second tab, "full keyboard access." Ta-Da!!! From here, you can use the default keys (f2-6) with the ctrl key, or set your own!


ps- f1-6 on my 466 key lime ibook were already taken up (volume, brightness, etc.), so this didn't work with those keys. using custom, i just set it to f7,f8, and so on...
Yeah, I've been having fun with this since I installed it. It was something I was sort of looking forward to, since I watched most of the Seybold keynote a couple of days ago. What's actually kind of odd is how "Window (active) or next window behind it" is there. It is completely impossible to use it. I can't even set it up with custom keys.