Finally : Labels to come in 10.2 !!!

What Mac OS 9 feature do you feel is most missing from Mac OS X ?

  • Labels

  • Spring loaded folders

  • Built-in file synchronization

  • Frequent crashes :-D

  • Other (write your suggestion below)

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A source that has been traditionally very reliable has informed me that Apple plans to bring the labels feature back in Mac OS X 10.2 !!!

I am so happy ! Especially if this proves to be true !!! ;)

(I am not joking about this info, though.)


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i don't know if frequent crashes are really gone... My OS 9 comp was solid... until i upgraded the processor and crashed 15 times a day....


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How about these:
* Greek (for all not just the priviledged few in greece)
* DVD for all (not just the privilidged few with G4s)
* CD-RW support for all (not just the USB/firewire crowd)

Thank you


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DVD only works on computers with software decoding. That would be G4s, iBooks, iMacs, and I believe PowerBook G3s that came with a DVD drive.


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How about DOCK loaded pop-up folders, and I don't just mean a folder that you put in the dock....I mean an extra usable, vertical Dock that expands from the Dock, like a Dock-Dockling....:)
I would like it to have similar anemations as well, with it shooting up and down. Humm, just a thought. I love OSX, its so farther ahead of windows XP (I used it at CompUSA when I got my copy of 10.1) which really sucks! And OSX is so much better than OS9, my complements to Apple.