Finally, some backup software that handles resource forks


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Though command-line only, there's a tool called hfspax on that will back up resource forks and and Finder information.

It's basically a modified pax, which I'd never used before, but you use it like tar/gnutar/cpio/whatever to backup directories and files to a single file. That single file can then be incrementally updated/restored.

Kudos to Howard Oakley for this long-overdue-and-should've-been-built-in-to-OS-X-anyway tool.

does it work now? earlier versions apparently were dangerously buggy, as in failing silently with data loss & changing file names. be careful
I prefer using Synk in MacOS. You can make a bootable backup of OS X so when shit happens I can just boot off the backup.

(due to a bug in OS X Carbon, Synk in OS X won't preserve owner/group, but Synk in MacOS will)