Finally!!! :-)


Mac of the SubGenius! :-)
Well, after years of supporting the Mac and having enjoyed using Classic Mac OS and Linux/ppc on my StarMax 4000, PowerBook Duo 230, and Quadra 650, I finally have the ability to run Mac OS X Tiger on my brand spankin' new 2 GHz iMac G5!!!!

(My wife loves me VERY much... ::ha::)

I hadn't expected to end up with such a nice machine...I was actually planning on buying my synth this weekend and a pre-owned G4 system for my music composition. We had gone to the Apple Store because I just wanted to look at the Mac mini. My wife, the Windows fiend that she is, actually FELL IN LOVE with the iMac G5!! She asked me if I wanted it and I said sure, but I didn't think she would go for it. She said go for it.

So here I am thinking "OK, we're getting the 1.8 GHz model." She says "let's go for the $1599 model." (This was the 17", 2.0 GHz model with the bluetooth keyboard and mouse.) Here I am amazed that she was suggesting this. I said "OK" and off we went to get a store rep.

Since I work for the school system, I was able to get the educator's discount on the iMac. What I didn't know is that this ALSO included an iPod mini free after the mail in rebate!! And here I have always been dying for one. Yes, I know that the nano is replacing the mini, but I have always liked the mini even with how nice the nano is (Yes Amie, I have seen it in person and it's suh-weet!! :D). Plus, free is good too. :D

So I am right now typing this on my new iMac G5 running 10.4.2, and I'm loving every minute of it. It's so great to be in the current Mac space with everyone else here finally! Incidentally, I should be getting my synth sometime next weekend. Can't wait to hook up that Yamaha S08 along with my ol' Kawai K4 to my new iMac. :cool:

A BIG thank you to my lovely wife for the wonderful gift. She's the best! ::love::


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Wow, sounds like you won't know yourself. My wife-to-be often looks at my iMac G5 as if its "the other woman", but she loves it too and gets plenty of use out of it.


Mac of the SubGenius! :-)
Thanks guys.

Incidentally, my wife just bought the Rebel XT and is planning on using it with the iMac. Mind you, we have the PC with Windows and the Photoshop apps and all but she still eyes the mac with much covetness. :D

And speaking of that PC, it's still sitting in the office unconnected. ::ha:: Actually, I plan on moving the components from that to another case I bought for it.

That is, if Rita doesn't give us too much trouble. :rolleyes: