Finder CD Burning - Disc to Disc?


After downloading 10.1, the new Disc Burning in the Finder works pretty well. You can move files onto it, then, when you're ready, you can click Burn and forget about it.

But with burning Audio CD's, I'm having more trouble. When I insert a new CD-R, it asks whether it should be Prepared as a file, audio, or MP3 disc. Choosing "file" mounts the disc to the desktop. Choosing Audio (iTunes), however, opens iTunes and does nothing. It won't even recognize there is a disc to burn.

I'm basically trying to burn from one Audio CD onto a CD-R through iTunes (or through the Finder, for that matter) - has anyone been able to do this without converting to MP3 first? Has anyone had trouble getting 10.1 to recognize their burner?

Running Toast in OS 9 won't recognize it anymore either. FireWire ACOMDATA CD-RW drive.

To copy a Disk (Audio or otherwise) use "Disk Copy"

Make a disk image of your audio CD, then sellect "burn image" from the image menu... Locate the image you just created, and hit OK.

Your done.
If you want to use iTunes, it should work from there, too. That would be easier than trying to create an image with DiskCopy. You just create a playlist, then click on where the "Burn" button would be. The burn button will appear - you click on it, and away it goes.

I got this working on 10.1 with a FireWire burner that was unsupported through 10.0.4, so I'm quite happy with it!
Originally posted by jeffg
If you want to use iTunes, it should work from there, too. That would be easier than trying to create an image with DiskCopy.

That works fine for MP3 files, but to copy the exact data from an audio CD to a CD-R doesn't work through iTunes (not that I've found). I was tempted to convert everything to MP3, then burn to disc, but that's way more work than it should be.

Thanks for the help, though!
In order to create a normal Compact Disc Digital Audio (Audio CD) that can be read in basically all CD players you must first rip (import to the hard drive) put them on a playlist in proper order and not exceeding the disc time allowed by the disc and than going to that playlist and clicking Burn to burn (export and record) the new CD.
Everyone here is right. There's no support for disk to disk through the finder. That's why apps like toast are still going to be the better way to burn CD's. Other than doing what was described earlier with the disk image and using Disk Copy, there is no way without another app to make an exact dupe of an Audio CD without ripping the MP3's first. I'd suggest giving the new toast a run. Pop in the CD's, hit copy, and it's won't however, write the TAG information that you get from ripping and burning from MP3's. Hope this helps.