Finder crash in 10.4.2


My finder seems to crash everytime I try to rename a file.
Finder just stops when I hit enter after renaming and all windows and icons disapear. All other programs keep running. After I find the file again (not renamed) and rename it again it crashes again, the third time it WILL rename the file without crashing ! :confused:
I tried running updates etc but I can't find the problem.
Yeah that generally happens, therefore the reason for Finder wanting to be re-coded from the ground up to make it alot more faster. It usually happens when renaming or replacing files when they are opened in a program (mainly with image editing). Also file updating always seems abit slow for me. Anyone else shed some light?

Although be sure to run disk permissions - Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility (select your boot harddrive then select repair permissions).
You could try to trash the finder plist.
In your users library folder you will find a file called:
trash this files and log out and back in our a reboot, and see what happens.

Another thing you can try is to create another user account, and see if the same problem happens.
There is a conflict with 10.4 & Stuffit AVR.

Some people have had luck just going to the System Preferences & turning it off.

You may need to run the Stuffit Uninstaller. I had never even installed the AVR portion, there was nothing in my prefs for it. I did a find & trash on AVR, but that didn't work. So, I ran the Stuffit 8 uninstaller & got rid of everything Stuffit 8, restarted & like magic, back in business!!!
Thanks, JPStudios, for the suggestion to remove StuffitAVR. I had been experiencing the same Finder problem -- windows disappearing after 15 seconds open and Finder switching to the next app in the Dock. I turned off StuffitAVR in System Preferences and the Finder crash seems to have stopped. Previous efforts -- zapping PRAM, resetting NVRAM, trashing Finder prefs -- had not worked.
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