Finder doesn't connect to server


I have a problem with the Finder in OS 10.3.9. If I launch the Finder after startup it automatically tries to connect to our server, hangs (spinning beachball) and needs relaunching. The only way around this is to launch another application like Photoshop and go to open a new document which then allows the Finder to connect.

The Finder picked up this quirk by itself as when the server was initially setup, I had to click on Network to connect, rather than it automatically trying to.

I connect to an OS 10.3.4 G4 server with a 100Mb Ethernet cable.

Any assistance here would be appreciated as it seems crazy to have to go through third party software to get the operating system working everyday.
Try by creating a New Network Location in the preferences. If that works, then there would be something wrong with the original.
Tried that but get the same thing. All the Network Location settings must be correct because the Network is fine all day, it's just getting connected in the morning which is a pain.