Finder keeps Quitting!? and 501 error



My finder keeps relaunching itself at the weirdest moments: for example

a) when I open a Finder window from Dock
b) when I can get the above window open, and launch an app, poof!
c) when I hold down the mouse in IE (5.1.1)
d) other odd times

this never happened before. I haven't messed with it (other than my usual performance enhancing hacks, which have been done multiple times, through Terminal, and from Very reliable sources).

When I check Console, I expect to see Kernel panic, but I see
"loginwindow[390]: Finder quit with exit status of 11"
whatever that means...

Any ideas?

p.s. Also, when I empty the trash I ALWAYS get a 501 error, and a -39 error Whats this crap aboot? // I disabled permissions


G4 400 with 448MB RAM
2GB partition OS X
500 MB partition OS 9
7 GB spare
QPS 8x4x32x FW
SCSI card (nothing on chain)
I am experiencing the exact same problem. I called Apple and, of course, while the tech was on the phone nothing happened, but started up again when I hung up. For me, I can repeat this issue by doing the following:

Click on a finder window
clicking "View" and "Show View Options"
Clicking the "Global" tab
Clciking the "select" button to change the background of the finder window
Clicking on images for awhile so that they preview. After a dozen or so the finder quits.

Doing this a dozen times or so and the finder will continously relaunch itself for a random amount of time before actually launching, only to act up if I try this again.

The problem happens randomly-seeming when I'm in any apps. After causing the first finder crash, when I try to launch any Cocoa app (terminal, system preferences, etc) the app crashes and I'm told the system is unaffected.

I've rebooted into single-user mode and run fsck -y, which reports no problems.

My hardware is:
PowerBook (Pismo) G3/500 w/256M RAM. 20G HD, 14.1" screen
OSX and OS9 on same partition

OS X 10.0.4
OS 9.1
Software Updated to latest of everything (as of 8/20/01)

by hacks I mean like removig non-English language files, removing printer drivers I don't need, turning off anti-aliasing, that sort of stuff. I finally gave in and reinstalled to get rid of the Trash problem, and took the SCSI card out. The reinstall fixed the trash prob temporarily, and Finder does seem a bit more stable now that the card is out. It was an BTO Apple SCSi card btw. I still performed the hacks, because I am SURE they aren't the problem, because the computer ran fine with them for several weeks; this problem just showed up all of a sudden.


I can duplicate your error too!

Hopefully 10.1 will be a godsend.