Finder Networks/servers, Network Cable Question.


I have 3 hard drives & and no optical devices which show up fine in Finder.
I'm plugged into a 2 port Linksys VOIP router but there is no other computer online now.

In Finder I see:

Primary Master IDE hard drive > All files as normal
Primary Slave IDE hard drive > All files as normal
Secondary Master IDE hard drive > All files as normal
Network > .localized, Library, Servers
Network > .localized, Library, Servers
Servers > My Names Computer>All files in startup drive
static > nothing shown

So why do I see anything but my 3 hard drives?

And is it possible to link to a PC with a network cable? Should it be a crossover cable?
If I follow you correctly, you are saying that you do see your three drives within finder but you don't find anything on the network which you think is wrong.

I will state the obvious and say that you are plugged into a router, not a switch, which will have a series of routes that may or may not be available to you. The first thing to try is pinging the other machine to see if it can be found and running a trace route (fire up the terminal app and issue ping <ip address of machine you want to find> and then traceroute <ip address of machine you want to find>

It may be the case that the computer you are trying to connect to is not advertising itself to the network or responding to broadcast traffic and therefore not present within the finder.

You can do direct connections using a crossover cable. I know the G4 Powerbook can use a standard ethernet cable (autoMX)

you will need to submit more information about your router configuration if this is suspected as the cause of the problem. But then again this would be the wrong forum to do so.