Finder not refreshing.


Anyone figure out how to get the finder to display a file just downloaded? I downloaded Omniweb into my desktop folder and it wasn't there. So I searched for it and Sherlok confirmed that it was in my desktop folder. Only when I opened the file from within Sherlok did the Finder finally get its head out of it sbutt and display the icon the desktop folder. - john.
This slowness to update the display seems to be an "unwanted feature" of MSIE 5 for X, at least according to this TIL :

The TIL also explains how to make those file appear :
In Internet Explorer:
1. Choose Download Manager from the Tools menu.
2. Double-click the item you wish to see.
3. In the window that appears, click Reveal in Finder. A Finder window opens containing the item you downloaded.
once I download something from IE5 to the desktop it will appear as soon as I click on the desktop. However, when I install an app, and it drops the executable for it into the Applications folder, it will not appear there as easily. I usually have to sherlock search for the app name, and then run it before it will show up a few minutes later. It is also possible to force a refresh by cd'ing to the directory in the terminal and doing an ls -la. I'm pretty sure that's always worked for me. It'd be great if someone knows a quick keystroke or something. Like F5 for a web page on a pc.