Finder Not Responding on Folder Open


Nice site...I'm new to this forum but an old dual platform user, hope I can help out but also hope someone can help me with this strange issue.

System: 10.3.9 on Dual 1.25Ghz G4 1GB RAM

Issue: I have a user that while logged into her Mac (Active Directory plugin with our corporate network) her finder will stop responding when opening certain folders. She double-clicks the folder, it opens, but then hangs showing none of the contents even though it states X items. This is happening with folders on a network server (AppleShare IP 6) or a local copy of the folder (no issues during the copying process).

Weirdness: The user can view and access all contents of the folder using the command line (i.e. Terminal) This tells me that the files are there, working, not hidden (using ls without switches).

Attempts to remedy but failed:
-Full OS Rebuild (backup user data, format drive, reinstall from CD, etc)
-Disk Utility Permissions Repair
-Onyx 1.5 to run all system maintenance scripts
-Reset permissions manually on the folder

Any ideas on what could be causing this? My gut is telling me that something is messed up with this users AD account and I may need to look at recreating that as well as purging her existing account from OS X. Thanks in advance for any info that can help me out.

I have similar problems sometimes when the "System Events" invisible process starts hanging. Usually this happens in connection to Folder Actions. Do you have any Folder Actions scripts attached to those specific folders?

When it happens to me, I just open Activity Monitor and force-quit System Events.

I don't know if this is your problem exactly, but System Events is worth keeping an eye on. You should also check Activity Monitor to see if any other invisible processes are hanging when this happens.

thank you for the suggestion. While I didn't find any other locked or hung events I did get to see the Finder eat up 100% of the CPU when opening the folder. After a relaunch of the Finder or before I attempt to open it, I can copy and move the entire folder using the finder to drag & drop but cannot open it through the finder.

Any other ideas or things to look for? For now I'm giving crash courses in command line to my user so that she can work on the files but I know her patience with this won't last forever..LOL