Finder Quitting


When I shut down my Imac (now has 10.4.1), more often than not during the shutdown it goes to a blue screen with a message along the lines of: 'Finder has unexpectedly quit, you need to reset your computer'.
This is a complete pain in the, erm, neck. What can I do about it/
How is your network configured? Finder might be busy with unmounting resolved network connections.
One thing you might want to try is this: trash the '' in the home/Library/Preferences folder and reboot.
Good luck and welcome to the forum.
The message you're describing seems a bit mystic to me. Does it really say "you have to reset your computer"? That'd say it's a kernel panic (rather gray screen with lots of text in several languages). Or is it rather a 'normal' error message?
It is a greyish screen with text in several languages. Can't tell you the exact details unless I write it down next time it does it.
I only carried out the upgrade installation of Tiger, not a complete erase and install, would this be significant?
It isn't networked, but does have an ethernet connection to the outside world.