Finder status = Zombie


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Does this seem odd to anyone? I am not sure if this was the case with 10.0.4, but s it seems that ever since I upgraded to 10.1 (which ROCKS! by the way..even on my Beige G3 266) the Finder has a status of Zombie in the Pocess Viewer. 'top' doesn't give that kind of label...

Strange? Normal? Para-normal? Mulder? Scully? Carlof?

Snap shot attached.


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After loggin out and back in again the Finder satus is now "Running"...I think I remember have to restart the Finder last night sometime after it became unresponsive and never recovered.

I test whether Corce Quiiting the Finder or just Quitting the Finder makes it return as a Zombie process, but it didn't. I think I also remember that when I had to Force Quit the Finder last night that it did not automagically restart, and I had to start it by clicking the icon in the Dock....

I'll post again here if I can ever figure out how to duplicate it...