Finding buttons on scroll mice.

Lt Major Burns

"Dicky" Charlteston-Burns
I have a microsoft Wireless Optical mouse. it has two buttons, (left and right) and also a 'tilt-wheel', which has mouse button 3 as it's click.

it also tilts, to scroll sideways (the mighty mouse having not been invented at this point), but in firefox, it does something rather interesting by default: it moves back and forward between webpages. that must mean that firefox recognises two extra buttons... which means there is two recognisable buttons there, and i want macos to find them, without USBoverdrive, which i don't like (it looks, and feels, like3rd party windows stuff, it feels dodgy).

how can find out how to do this? macos recognises an almost infinate amount of extra buttons, so how can i get it to stop thinking "scroll" and start thinking "button", like firefox?
The problem here is the way Firefox handles scroll wheels. It's not that Firefox sees these as buttons; it's that it thinks "gee, nobody would ever want to scroll horizontally, so instead I'll go back or forward". It's the same with all scroll wheels, even 1D ones (with 1D scroll wheels, holding down shift changes it to horizontal scrolling). Drives me up the wall, actually.

I agree that USB Overdrive looks and feels pretty nasty, but boy oh boy, it gets the job done. I don't like setting it up, but you only need to do that once. After that it Just Works™.
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you should see the full movie... :confused:

i bought a mighty mouse today, as i was having problems with the optical processor in the MS mouse anyway.

now, firefox is unusable with the mighty mouse (touch the ball and your about 5 pages earlier on.... :rolleyes:), and it wasn't really THAT image processor that was the problem: it's all of them... the mighty mouse was no better (actually worse) on this plain wooden surface. what i need is a mousemat. and a ball mouse :D

mighty mouse is going home tomoro morning. it's everything i didn't like about the single button mouse and nothing gained from my MS mouse.