Finding E-mail Mailboxes After Upgrading

Bar 20

I recently upgraded my computer to Mac OS 10.3 from the classic OS and
in the process have been unable to import my messages from OE to Mail.
The process was complicated by the fact that, at first, I was running
9.1 and, so, had to first upgrade to 9.2.2 in order to install the
firmware needed to upgrade to OS X. When I upgraded to 9.2.2 none of
my files were lost, but my OE didn't work. I was using OE 5.02. I
thought that perhaps a different OE was necessary in 9.2.2 and looking
on the internet read that OE 5.0.6 was the one that went with 9.2.2. I
downloaded that and opened it, hoping that I could import my mailboxes
to that version and then move on to importing them to Mail. However,
when I opened 5.0.6 I could not find the mailboxes anywhere, and now
when I try to open 5.02 it opens, but with the same "new" or empty
inbox that 5.0.6 opened with. As far as I know, none of the files on
my computer were deleted when I upgraded and so I was wondering how I
can retrieve the mailboxes. They have a lot of things in them like
passwords and business things.