Fink and GIMP in MacOSX


I managed to get Fink 0.1.8 up and going and got the GIMP running on FreeX86 with the ICEWM. Now I want to update ICEWM but when I try to configure it, I get an error that it can't find gettext. Gettext is present in sw/bin where it was put by Fink. Is there a way I can direct the ICEWM configure file to find gettext? Thanks.

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Let me start out by saying that i am no expert, but your problem in upgrading may be that the Current Stable: version "1.0.8-6" has not been modified to darwin.
the only reason i say this is because at "" there is a version of ICEWM (1.0.4) , on the page it states that

"Source code of ICEWM, a popular X Window Manager. The source code had to be modified from the main distribution to go around a bug in Apple's compiler. "

i hope this helps i said i am no expert so forgive me if this post was a waste of space :)
thanks gigi,

You're probably right. I guess I could look at both versions and see what the modifications were to get ICEWM to work under Darwin, but I think I'll wait for someone more qualified to do it.