fink or any others?


I am starting to get into unix and i wanted to install a unix based system like fink or so on on the my mac os x. My problems is what do i do. I want to have a graphical user interface or just be able to run it rootless. What do i need to run a rootless set up. what needs to be installed? I am confused on what the fink installation says to do. Is there anything this simple like the xtools? Thanks

you already have a full unix system



fink is a package manager

it will help to install a variety of standard Unix applications on your current Unix system.

some of those use a GUI which is different than the one which you have installed.

you are running Quartz is an Apple product.

Other flavours of unix run a special window management server called X-windows.

this is XFree86

that software allows you to install additional window managers which are compatible to Xwindows.

Enlightenment, WM, Blackbox among others...

When you run in rootless mode, it means that you shut off the back ground of the desktop and open the windows over your regular Quartz desktop.

This makes running Xwindows on your OSX seem to be more integrated

fink will help you to download, compile and install a basic <b>working</b> system. Most of the configuration is still up to you.

at this moment fink is supporting nearly 400 packages which you may or may not be able to use.

They are however, operational. Which means you have to spend time reading lots of books to understand the purpose of most of the applications.

Xtools installs a pre-compiled version of Xwindows on your machine and allows you to have an easier time configuring .....

It is not Free.

so go to

and read all about it....

rootless, X-windows, Unix, MacOSX

would be good search terms to begn your education.

otherwise, open the terminal and type

man apropos

return scrolls and "q" will get you out.

also have a look in these areas by typing
in the

cd /bin
cd /

cd /usr/bin
that is unix </b>
type "man [any word which you see in those directories]"
man cd
man ls

wow! the library is built in......