Fire and Mail work, but Entourage and ICQ don't...


OK, I have OS 9.1 on my first partition (read before stopping please). I was playing around again in OSX becuase I wanted to try to get it to work right. I finally got sound by logging in as 'Root'. Also, I finally got Mail to work. I also D/L Fire and I can log into icq and aim through that. But I wanted to use Entourage, so I loaded OS 9 onto another partition so I could load up Classic...everything went smoothly but, as it did before, whenever I try to check my mail in entourage I get a "Couldn't find server" error...even though entourage is configured the same way it is in OS9 (which works). Same exact thing in ICQ...
I'm just wondering if there is some kind of weird OSXb thing going on, or if there is something I need to do.

Also, I dial into my university's servers dynamically since we don't have (gasp) lan connections . I've tried both BootP and DHCP, but either way it works the same. But under classic, Entourage and icq and aim all work fine...

Thanks for any help...

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Pardon me if I'm working from a misreading here, but it seems to me you're asking why apps in the Classic environment don't have network access. I don't know *why*, precisely, but I'm pretty sure that they don't, at least not in the PB version. Fire and Mail are Cocoa apps, they have full access to everything, but Entourage and ICQ are stuck in the Classic ghetto, and have no access to the modem (or the Ethernet card, as far as I know).

So in direct answer to your question, I believe that's "It's some weird OSXb thing." ;)

If you're dialing up, I think your network settings are overridden by PPP in any case--mine is on "No Connection."
you need portreflector (or similar name) to access dialup connections within classic.
search for it on versiontracker.


[edit: yes it is a wierd PB thing -- in newer builds this isn't a problem.]