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hey I installed the from Epicware on my hd 10.1, and I set it up. Then it got to the buddy list and it unexpectedly quit. I deleted the and tried reinstalled it. still no luck. are there any hidden files or prefrence files that i must delete and where can they be found

Thanks for your help
There are two places you need to delete items if you really want to reinstall everything for Fire and not keep your old settings. First you can go to your ~Library directory (under your home directory) and delete the "Fire" folder. Secondly run PrefEdit (in Applications/Utilities) and delete everything listed under "Fire". This should reset your machine to it's virgin state and you should be able to reinstall from there.

Be aware if you use ICQ a lot you may want the old 27.b version of Fire, not the 28.b version. ICQ is more stable with the new version but many of the features no longer work.