Fire has officially removed AIM support


Read it at epicware. I'm sad. .24a was supposed to fix this, then it wasn't on the server when i tried to dl it, and now .24b is there with this message.
Originally posted by Teronzhul
well, got my hands on .24a, think i'll be stickin with it for a little while :)

Can you post it so that others can get it? I would really appreciate getting it from you. You can post it on your iDisk if you have no other means.

Ok, done, i think. idisk account Teronzhul. tell me if i didn't do it right, but i think i did.

.24a seems to have issues with msn, every time i try to log in it instantly crashes. also seems to have problems saving its prefs? perhaps its best to save prefs with .23b, and then use .24a. aim's been runnin all day though, no problems. :)