fire sucks a bit...


well before aim was realased i was using fire but (in france at least ) aol said i tried to use their services with another log and i couldn't use fire to chat on aim so you' better to use the real softwares to avoid probs.
AIM is for losers who sit at their computer chatting all day. If most people grew up they'd realize that ICQ for mac is way better because it offers a messaging format, but not a chatting one (well, windows version does).
I think I may have posted this enough but if you get version .24a of Fire (its on my iDisk "vgz") it can't be kicked.
ICQ does provide instant messanging and a chat option if you want (yes even mac version does).

I like Yahoo Messenger. I have given up on ICQ except for a few things. Each one is good for different purposes

Which is what makes Fire so great. Its nice to be able to chat and send messages to friends on up to 6 different services with 1 app.
Yeah... I went back to AIM today after trying to get Fire 0.22 working. It would kick me off after a minute or two. I heard that to make it work, you had to use port 9898 rather than the login.oscar server. Since Fire doesn't let you set the port in the preference panel for AIM, I greped on 5190 (the default port) and edited the files where it appeared. However, I don't think the files remained in a useable format because Fire no longer launched. Ah well. AIM for OS X isn't as nice, but at least it works. It's definitely a beta, but it's worth installing if your friends are all using AIM. If someone figures out how to set the port in Fire, let me know. I did find out, btw, that Fire quit supporting AIM in their newest release (0.24).

Ok here's the deal. The version of Fire on my iDisk is the last version that supported aim before aohell forced him to remove support. It can't be kicked because it uses toc. D/l it and try. I have been connected for the last 2 days straight.
But where can I find this iDisk? Is this in that iTools thing? I haven't looked at that yet... Can you tell me what version of Fire it is and how you made it use toc?


Go to and mount my public folder.

Its version 24a. It was released for a very short period of time and it had the support for toc. Aohell made him remove the aim support after he released this version because they could not block it without blocking aim express.
Thanks for sharing it with us, VGZ! :-D

But am I only one who suddenly starting having problem logging on to ICQ (sometime it takes forever, or it fails), and with MSN, it even crashes! It seems like it's 24a specific problem you won't suffer with 24b.

Please let me know if anyone have the same problem.


ICQ works fine for me on 24a. I will never use msn because its an M$ service. I am happy to finally have all the M$ products off my computer.
OK, Fire 0.25.a uses the toc protocal and works great, you can get it from I encourage all of you to do so.

AIM sucks, ICQ is owned by AOL, please see previous statement regarding AIM sucks.

Fire is more full featured than the AIM OS X Beta, more stable, more compatible with other services, faster, requires a smaller resource foot print, supports better user interface features such as pulsing windows to indicate a message.

If you don't think much of it do consider that Fire is the efforts of one man and that the entire programing staff of AOL can't make a product without advertisements on my screen.

AIM sucks.

Fire burns bright.