Firefox 1.07 And Osx 10.2.6


Downloaded the .dmg file and installed the program. Then copied the app file to Applications on my HD.

Dbl-clkd the app icon, but it doesn't actually open the program - the FireFox icon shows up briefly on the Dock, bounces twice, and then disappears.

Is FireFox 1.07 only compatible with OSX 10.3+?

Would my company firewall have anything to do with it - even though the download and install went off without a hitch?

Ther requirements for Firefox is 10.1 minimum, so there's something you aren't doing right.

When you double-click the .dmg file, it should open up into what looks like a mounted drive. This is a mounted disk image. Once the folder for that mounted disk image opens, you have to copy the application (in this case, the Firefox icon), into your Applications folder. Once it finishes copying, eject the mounted drive image by dragging it to the Trash. After that's gone, launch the Firefox icon. The icon will appear and disappear a few times while it prepares your profile. Once it's done doing that, it will launch the browser window.

Good luck!
That's just the problem.... I have done everything as you have described (basic installation) but when Firefox should be creating a profile (as you have described), the icon bounces a couple of times and disappears.

Are there permissions that I need to have for Firefox to complete the process - as I am using a pre-configured Mac system (an Avid film editing system)? They claim that I have access to the internet and IE, but I can't install Firefox and iChat. They claim not know why this is, but maybe there is an admin/client situation here - don't know how to look for this.

Thank you for any further guidance you can give me.
For what it is worth: I could install Firefox 1.0 (on Tiger), but it crashed when I tried
to run it. I then installed 1.5 beta, and it works fine (I still use Safari as my browser).
If you want a browser that's like FF but more Mac-like, try out Camino. I'm using the 1.0a1 version and it's been working great for me. Functions like Safari but uses the same rendering engine as FF/Mozilla. I actually find it difficult now to use FF on my G5 iMac because of it's non-Macishness, even though I use FF extensively on Linux and Windows. :p

Head on over to and download the 1.0a1 version of Camino and see if that works for you.