Firefox and Google Image search problem



I'm getting a strange problem when running Firefox 1.0.6 under Panther 10.3.9:

When I do an image search, I get a number of problems:

1. The page hangs, requiring a quick Back/Forward navigation to load more images. Sometimes, several back/forward attempts are required to get all the images.

2. Some images never display (more often than normal)

3. Some images are replaced by scaled versions of the Google "G" or "O" letters!

4. Some images are in the wrong placeholders, such that clicking on an image gives the image that should have been one location to the right (or is it to the left? I forget - at work on Windows laptop at the moment)

Has anyone else come across this odd problem? I don't get it when using Safari, or when using Firefox under Windows, or when using Yahoo image search.

Many thanks.

PS - I can do a screenshot tonight of the above makes no sense!