Firefox middle-click properties


According to this page here, the middle click button (in this case my wheelmouse button) should open a link in a new tab, just like Safari does.

Unfortunately, it plain and simple doesn't work in Firefox for OS X.
When I look in the about:config file, there isn't even an entry for the "browse.tabs.opentabfor.middleclick".

For anyone that knows, is it possible to get the middle-click to open links in new tabs, or is that just not supported?


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HAve you tried just adding the entry in the about:config{/i] in FF? See if it works and if not, just delete the entry.


You don't know how I can actually edit the config file, do you?
There isn't an option (That I can see) to add an entry to "about:config" from the browser, so I'm guessing I have to do it to a specific file directly.

Any ideas?


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Just go to the address bar and type in "about:config" and press enter.

Type "Middle" in the filter field to find the settings for middlemouse.
Set middlemouse.opennewwindow to true, and set middlemouse.(others) to false


Hmm. No luck.
Thanks for trying to help though.
I think it must be this mouse I'm using, because it doesn't work on either my iBook or my G5 for Firefox. Odd.