Firewall Configuration in OSX


I have been trying to find some information on how to configure the Firewall which is part of the BSD kernel in OSX. Has anybody built a GUI or any scripts to help with this process. I would like to be able to add/remove IP address(s) and/or IP ranges for the common and/or other ports (ie. HTTP, FTP, etc...).

Also, a source of some basic information on how the BSD firewall works would be helpfull if somebody knows where I can find that.

Trevor Cooper
Mac Lover / PC Admin

For a basic firewall setup try <a href="">Firewall Setup</a>

Also there is <a href="">another thread</a> here on NAT which is similar and may help.

If you need more detailed (read: complex) info the firewall program is ipfw so type in a terminal window:

man ipfw

this will show you the ipfw manual which is huge.

Also, if you check out the Security thread in the Unix Newbie forum there are a few posts regarding Saint and nmap, which may help in your decisions about which ports to close with ipfw.