Firewall, FTP and other port problems


Running Panther Server and have NAT, DHCP and Firewall running. Most services are running okay -there seems to be some slowdown when accessing forms and some web content and I would like to figure out why.

The big probelm though is communicating via FTP and a couple of other ports. I can't get FTP to work in either active or passive mode unless I disable the following rule:

65000 add deny tcp from any to any in setup

According to the documentation I have read you should leave this rule enabled (which makes sense). I have tried adding several variations of rules - all above the 65000 rule in the list that seem like they should work but they don't. I have tried adding specific allow rules for ports 20-21, 21, 20, rules which should allow all traffic from a specific server i.e. add allow tcp from "" to any in, or out etc.

We also have a mail list admin tool that communicates over port 5279 that I can't get working. I have tried adding these rules in Server Admin and/or
editing ipfw.conf but it's not working. I suspect the ftp problem may have something to do with the different ports that it will use but I don't know and can't seem to figure it out.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.