firewall software for os x?


John Galt Member
does anyone know where or how i can get firewall software for os x??? please, i need it!

any help would be great... thanks,
This is FreeBSD we're talking about! It would be an insult if there weren't already a firewall built in, and probably a more robust one than money could buy you for Windoze or the previous Mac OS, at that.

Check out the man page for ipfw as well as <a href="">this article</a>.
There is a firewall, of course. I find Brickhouse (can be found on to be an excellent app to configure OSX's firewall capabilities.
Download and build <a href="">Port Sentry<a>. It works just like you would want it to, and it stealths your ports. When building, type 'make bsd'.

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