firewire & CD-RW


i just got a new Lacie d2 52x24x52x burner for my iMac G3 600. Only problem is my performance blows. I dont come anywhere near 52x. When performing a read test, I am only pulling 2-2.5 MB max from the CD when it indicates it should be at 7 to be 48x.

how can i fix my speed issues. A CD burned at 48x should take 2-3 minutes, not 7-10 like i am experiencing.

I have 3 FW devices connected at any given time. I have the burner on 1 FW port, and 2 HD's on the other. I have tried burning with the HD's on and off, and experience the same.

I am running 10.2.3 on a iMac G3 600 with 512MB RAM.

Thanks for all of your help.


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a few questions
1) are you burning to CD-R or CD-RW?
2) How much info are you transfering?
3) What are you using to burn (Toast or built in apple)?


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the read tests show really poor performance. i am very dissatisfied with the read performance using the speed test in toast. I have a feeling its due to my machine. only if i could afford to upgrade...


I have OS X 10.2.3, 1024mb ram, and the Lacie 48x16x48x (I figured that since I never use cdrw, I'd save my dosh and get the lower of the two).

My Lacie 48x12x48x is also Firewire through my QS 933. And yeah, it burns up 650mb discs in 3 mins (Toast 5.2 or through the Finder). :->

It's probably your system....I found that when I had my peecee, that when I burned at 24x, it would take longer, than if I burned at 16x, since the buffer would empty, pause, refill, burn, [repeat].

Nice drives....rackmountable...but man! They're big! I have mine sitting on top of my tower, inbetween the handles (sitting on a 250pack of line paper, just to raise the high of the thing, so the tray doesn't it the handle when it opens! *l*).

Personally, i wanted the Yamaha 44x24x44x firewire, but ended up getting the lacie....always wanted one. hehe


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If it's slow in making an Audio CD from the MP3s, don't forget that if the files are MP3's, they have to be converted to aiff files.



i didnt pay a dime for mine. i did some openengagement consulting for apple back in august. the customer never gave apple to appropriate paperwork for me to get paid, so there was a delay in paying me. i opted to get paid for by hardware. they finally sent it to me this week.

i will try making a larger buffer and see how that effect the performance. i still dont understand why reading from a cd is performing so poorly though. i am getting 2 or so MB/s when it should peak at over 8 MB/s