Firewire Connection Not Recognizing Digital Camcorder

Mari c

I recently purchased a Panasonic DV GS-19 Camcorder. I connected it to my GS4 Mac (OS X). Nothing comes up so I cannot move to the next step in iMovie/ iDVD. HELP! This is a real pain considering I thought all I needed to do was hook up.


1st go to your Apple System Profiler to make sure that a FireWire device is being detected. Some cameras also need to be in "PC mode" before they will mount, so read the manual for your camera. Lastly, check out Panasonic's site to see if there are any drivers which need to be installed on your machine in order to see the camera (Macs are usually brilliant in the fact that they almost never need drivers, but for example, I had to download one for my Archos Jukebox in order for it to properly mount.)