!!! FireWire is able to share files


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Does anybody know about this?? This is sooooo cool. I just found out that you can transfer files between computers using firewire. Nothing else needed, just a firewire cord. The computer's hard drive your sharing with will pop up on your desktop and you can take, delete, and add files to it. It works like a charm too.

1) The computer you want the hard drive to pop up on your desktop needs to be off. The other one can be on.:D

2) Make sure the firewire cord is plugged into both computers.

3) Turn the computer being shared on, and immediately start holding down "T" on the keyboard.

4) That's it, the hard drive should pop up on your desktop now.

I hope i dont sound stupid because this is brand new to me. Did anybody else know about this??



Yeah, works great, really fast, easy. This has been popular on power books for a long time. It used to work with SCSI and with the newer 'books it works with Firewire. Did this work with a tower or cube as the target device?

I was getting about 7 or 8 MB/sec actual throughput. This was probably as fast as the powerbook could read from the hard drive.

With SCSI disk mode it helped me recover a crashed drive once. Somehow the hard drive got corrupted and while trying to recover it the name of the hard drive got set to a long string of garbage. This prevented any CD from booting on the powerbook. Even the TechTool CD would hang when booting. By connecting via SCSI mode from another computer I could initialize the HD giving it a normal name and restoring normal use to the powerbook. Probably would work the same now with FW disk mode.


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not only can you transfer files, but this is how i fixed my brothers labtop when it wasnt starting up. just held down t, ran disk doctor on it, and bamo, he could use his portable again. greatest feature ive seen. very useful. and its 50 megs a second! :eek: :D