Firewire Problem


My G5 has a problem with Firewire and Video.

The firewire ports work as they are able to connect to External Drives and they even can be hooked up to Firewire DV decks such as a Sony DSR-11 and retain device control.

Video and Audio however will not pass into or out of the G5 via firewire.

This problem started when I was running 10.3 and FCPro 4.5
Then I upgraded to Tiger and FCPro 5.

iMovie and QT Pro also cannot read or write over firewire, but iMovie does say that a "camera" is connected when I hook up the DSR-11.

Apple System Profiler also can detect the device and even tells me that it is a Sony DSR-11.

I have checked all of the settings I can think of such as External Video to "All Frames" etc.

Any Help?