First impressions


Simply Daemonic
Well I got the GM as well now and installed it last night :)
Here are my first impressions (after being a PB user for sometime).
One thing that really got me down is the lack of an out -of-the-box music player.
TOday I will get iTunes (which has a horrible aesthetic interface IMHO).

I wrote something in greek in MS Word, in OS 9, saved it as unicode, and rebooted
into OS X. Greek looks GREAT as a font! (and the few russian worlds I managed to
type in), unfortunatelly lack of an input method for these languages is a minus for
now, and I eagerly await some sort of resolution to this problem :)

Speed, I dont see why people complained about speed. My speed was acceptable.
Sure there were a couple of times where I actually had to wait for my computer
(as opposed to my computer waiting for me which is the norm), but I do expect
this sort of behavior for 1.0 softare.

I went into the terminal but I hate the generic [localhost:~]: user prompt...
I wish I could only remember how I edited my .tcsh reshource in the beta to do a
pwd for my prompt LOL.

Disks on the desktop....what a lame idea! I only wanted one disk on the desktop,
and I did that with an alias in the PB... now I get all my volumes on there... clutter
(gotta figure out how to turn it off...didnt play with it much yesterday)

Special menu gone ?? I was kinda sad to see it go since it has been with the mac...
well FOREVER! The apple menu looks OK... but giving it restart,shutdown, logoff
capabilities and moving the "empty trash" to the file menu took a little getting use to.

Languages? I like my finder in italian lol, a good way to practice the language
and a good preparation for the chance of moving to europe for becoming a localizer :p
(Arnold voice: I'm the localazer....I;ll be back!" LOL :p). Still more languages need
to be added, and I did catch a few positioning errors in the italian on (like for example
the text not being on the button).

All in all it seems nice.
Look forward to playing with it more ;) Today ? get Classic working.