First Post! nyah nyah

So far so good!
I like the idea.

I would also like to see window and path structure as contextual menus within the Dock.

Similar to A-Dock combined with WappPro on OS9.
Dark3LF what exactly are your doing in the terminal in those osx pics?
It looks like you are chatting with someone.
It looks like fun can you allaborate for me on what it is and how you are doing it?
it's just a command line IRC client, most likely - check out softrak or versiontracker to see what's available
In your screenshot, your dock is splitted in three categories. How can I do that? Also how can I put the dock on the right of screen?

(sorry that I answer in your place BEIGE).

nope. thats not a python file. it's a perl (.pl), pythons are .py or .pyc/.pyo. (anyway- it doen't matter in a mac/unix world...)

You can download Python 2.0 from versiontracker.