First to Fight Cd Key



I got the game first to fight from pcworld and all was going great till i had to put in the cd key and got told it is invalid .
I got on to macsoft that told me to get the update and all would be ok.
wrong i still get the notice that the cd key on the back of the manual is wrong and invalid.

Maybe there are dashes that you are/arn't supposed to put in.
Maybe it is case sensitive.
Maybe that one Letter O is really a Number 0
(just some ideas)
I'd make sure you arent putting 0s as Os and vise-versa as mentioned above. That has caused many problems for me.
hey man i got a problem i dont find the cd key code of first to fight do you know some were i can find it . because i bought it by amazon and can with the 3 cds and thecover were the cds are located.